N-Heterocyclic Carbenes: Effective Tools for Organometallic by Steven P. Nolan

By Steven P. Nolan

This finished reference and instruction manual covers intensive all significant points of using N-heterocyclic carbene-complexes in natural synthesis: from the theoretical heritage to characterization, and from cross-coupling reactions to olefin metathesis.
Edited by means of a pacesetter and skilled scientist within the box of homogeneous catalysis and use of NHCs, this is often a necessary device for each educational and business man made chemist.

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However, this approach requires the use of a strong base each time, and additional experimental time for the deprotonation reaction. Where a glovebox is available, the use of isolated pure free carbenes is more convenient. RNH2 RN NR NaH, KOtBu RHN NR RN NR X THF, rt RN NR X = Cl, BF4, PF6, OTs ... 5 General approach to free carbenes derived from imidazolium salts. 6 Synthesis of NHCs via thione species. 6) [49]. A solution of thione is heated in the presence of potassium, and then the resulting solution can be filtered and worked up to yield carbene.

13 Characterization of cis-[PtCl2(DMSO)(NHC)] complexes [33]. 13), in which the NHC was the only potential π-accepting ligand [33]. Analysis of the 195 Pt NMR chemical shifts and the 195 Pt 13 C 1 J coupling constants reveal information about the influence of the carbene ligand on the properties of the metal center. Larger coupling constants are indicative of more electron density in the σ bond between carbene and metal; therefore, the larger constants observed for complexes bearing unsaturated NHCs suggested that these bind the platinum center with more σ character than their saturated congeners.

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