Nightmare Alley (New York Review Books Classics) by William Lindsay Gresham

By William Lindsay Gresham

Nightmare Alley begins with a rare description of a freak-show geek—alcoholic and abject and the article of the voyeuristic crowd’s gleeful disgust and derision—going approximately his paintings at a county reasonable. younger Stan Carlisle is operating as a carny, and he wonders how a guy may well fall so low. There’s no means in hell, he vows, that whatever like that might ever ensue to him.

And seeing that Stan is smart and bold and never with out a precious streak of ruthlessness, quickly sufficient he’s going areas. Onstage he performs the mentalist with a lovable bimbo (before lengthy his harried wife), then he graduates to full-blown spiritualist, catering to the desires of the wealthy and gullible of their well-upholstered houses. It appears like the area is Stan’s for the taking. at the very least for now.

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