Nuclear Production of Hydrogen: Nuclear Science (Third by Japan) Information Exchange Meeting on Nuclear Production of

By Japan) Information Exchange Meeting on Nuclear Production of Hydrog

Publication by means of details trade assembly on Nuclear construction of Hydrog, Japan)

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5] Study on alternative processing methods for the HI decomposition section. Selection of corrosion-resistant materials and development of the concept for key components such as the H2SO4 vaporizer. Figure 9 shows the bench-scale test apparatus and the test results. Continuous hydrogen production for one week was demonstrated with an automatic reaction control system, where the hydrogen production rate was about 31 NL/h [6]. Figure 9. e. pilot test (Table 2). The pilot test will be carried out in the following fields, and is followed by HTTR-IS test to demonstrate nuclear hydrogen production.

According to the HTTR project, HTTR is being operated to accumulate the HTGR operation experience and to prepare the safety and maintenance database. Operational and test results obtained with the HTTR can contribute to the R&D programme of HTGR development in other countries: USA, France and others. Figure 6. JAEA’s Plan 2005 2010 2015 Reactor technology (HTTR) Attainment of reactor-outlet coolant temperature of 950 C (April, 2004) Safety demonstration test Operation, Maintenance, Characteristic tests Hydrogen Production Technology (IS Process) Completion of 1 week continuous operation (Jun, 2004) Improvement of system efficiency Development and verification of system analysis code Pilot test (2005-) 2020-30 Commercial HTGR System Hydrogen Production with HTTR-IS System (1000m3/h) Hydrogen production for commercial use in 2020s R&D of hydrogen production is also successfully proceeded: improvement of system efficiency, and development, verification of system analysis code etc.

Research and development (R&D) of fuel cell vehicles and stationary power generators are being carried out all over the world as shown in Figure 1. Figure 1. Hydrogen Economy So far, hydrogen is being used as raw material of chemical products such as nitrogenous fertilizer. Chemical plant Hydrogen will be used as clean energy for fuel cells to generate electricity in the near future! 2H2 +O2 2H2O + Energy Fuel cell for household, business Hydrogen station Fuel cell vehicle Figure 2 shows the introduction target of FCVs and HTGRs.

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