OCA Java SE 7 Programmer I Study Guide (Exam 1Z0-803) by Edward Finegan

By Edward Finegan

A confirmed research procedure for Oracle qualified affiliate examination 1Z0-803

Prepare for the Oracle qualified affiliate Java SE 7 Programmer I examination with support from this specific Oracle Press consultant. In each one bankruptcy, you will find not easy routines, perform questions, a two-minute drill, and a bankruptcy precis to spotlight what you might have realized. This authoritative advisor may also help you cross the try and also will function your crucial on-the-job reference. Get whole assurance of all OCA ambitions for examination 1Z0-803, together with:

  • Packaging, compiling, and studying Java code
  • Programming with Java statements
  • Programming with Java operators and strings
  • Working with simple sessions and variables
  • Understanding variable scope and sophistication building
  • Programming with arrays
  • Understanding classification inheritance
  • Understanding polymorphism and casts
  • Handling exceptions
  • Working with sessions and their relationships

Electronic content material includes:

  • One complete perform examination
  • Detailed solutions and reasons
  • Score document functionality overview instrument
  • Free with on-line registration:
    • PDF reproduction of the ebook
    • Bonus exam

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In short, the scope of this book is to help you pass the exam. As such, objective-specific areas are detailed throughout this book. Peripheral information, which is not needed to pass the exam, may not be included, or it may be presented in a limited fashion. Since this book covers a lot of information on the fundamentals of Java and related technologies, you may also want to use it as a general reference guide away from the certification process. Achieving the OCA Java SE 7 Programmer certification will solidify your knowledge of the Java programming language, set the foundation for your evolvement through the related technologies, and identify you as a true Java professional.

LearnKey claims the largest library of rich streaming-media training content that engages learners in dynamic media-rich instruction, complete with video clips, audio, full motion graphics, and animated illustrations. com. CONTENTS AT A GLANCE 1 Packaging, Compiling, and Interpreting Java Code 2 Programming with Java Statements 3 Programming with Java Operators and Strings 4 Working with Basic Classes and Variables 5 Understanding Methods and Variable Scope 6 Programming with Arrays 7 Understanding Class Inheritance 8 Understanding Polymorphism and Casts 9 Handling Exceptions 10 Working with Classes and Their Relationships A Java Platforms B Java SE 7 Packages C Java Keywords D Bracket Conventions E Unicode Standard F Pseudo-code Algorithms G Unified Modeling Language H Practice Exam I About the Download Glossary Index CONTENTS Acknowledgments Preface Introduction 1 Packaging, Compiling, and Interpreting Java Code Understand Packages Package Design package and import Statements Exercise 1-1: Replacing Implicit import Statements with Explicit import Statements Understand Package-Derived Classes Java Utilities API Java Basic Input/Output API The Java Networking API Java Abstract Window Toolkit API Java Swing API Exercise I -2: Understanding Extended Functionality of the Java Utilities API Understand Class Structure Naming Conventions Separators and Other Java Source Symbols Java Class Structure Compile and Interpret Java Code Java Compiler Java Interpreter Exercise 1-3: Compiling and Interpreting Packaged Software Two-Minute Drill Self Test Self Test Answers 2 Programming with Java Statements Understand Assignment Statements The Assignment Expression Statement Create and Use Conditional Statements The if Conditional Statement The if-then Conditional Statement The if-then-else Conditional Statement The switch Conditional Statement Exercise 2-1: Evaluating the String Class in the switch Statement Create and Use Iteration Statements The for Loop Iteration Statement The Enhanced for Loop Iteration Statement Exercise 2-2: Iterating Through an ArrayList While Applying Conditions The while Iteration Statement The do-while Iteration Statement Exercise 2-3: Performing Code Refactoring Exercise 2-4: Knowing Your Statement-Related Keywords Create and Use Transfer of Control Statements The break Transfer of Control Statement The continue Transfer of Control Statement The return Transfer of Control Statement The labeled Statement Two-Minute Drill Self Test Self Test Answers 3 Programming with Java Operators and Strings Understand Fundamental Operators Assignment Operators Exercise 3-1: Using Compound Assignment Operators Arithmetic Operators Relational Operators Logical Operators Understand Operator Precedence Operator Precedence Overriding Operator Precedence Use String Objects and Their Methods Strings The String Concatenation Operator Exercise 3-2: Uncovering Bugs that Your Compiler May Not Find Methods of the String Class Use StringBuilder Objects and Their Methods Methods of the StringBuilder Class Exercise 3-3: Using Constructors of the StringBuilder Class Test Equality Between Strings and other Objects equals Method of the String Class Exercise 3-4: Working with the compare To Method of the String Class Two-Minute Drill Self Test Self Test Answers 4 Working with Basic Classes and Variables Understand Primitives, Enumerations, and Objects Primitive Variables Objects Exercise 4-1: Compile and Run an Object Arrays Enumerations Java Is Strongly Typed Naming Conventions Use Primitives, Enumerations, and Objects Literals Examples of Primitives, Enumerations, and Objects Exercise 4-2: Creating Getters and Setters.

Finegan focused on the chapters covering object-oriented basic concepts. Liguori focused on the core Java fundamentals chapters. : Carole Jelen McClendon Technical Editor: Ryan Cuprak Informal Reviewers: Shannon Reilly Finegan, Richard Tkatch, Wayne Smith (SCJA version) Personal Acknowledgments Thank you to all of my family and friends. A project like this has a way of consuming more time than you ever expect. Their patience and encouragement has kept me motivated to accomplish this venture. I would like to give a special thanks to my wife, Shannon.

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