Pedro The Ugliest dog In The World by Papa G

By Papa G

Pedro is grotesque, so grotesque that he has been mistakenly pointed out as El Chupacabra. within the city of Santa Maria all animals are welcome and unfastened. yet from the mountains, the lizard king and his gang raid town of priceless provides. of their hour of want the city flip to a hero, a hero whose identify will strike worry in to all that pay attention it. Will Pedro shop Santa Maria? Or will the reality be informed? Authors observe: After receiving destructive suggestions and hate mail, i presumed it prudent so as to add a PARENTAL WARNING-This ebook includes phrases like poo, fart and snot; it additionally makes use of the notice fluff 3 times as a cuss observe. i'd additionally wish to indicate that Chupacabra comes from the phrases chupar "to suck" and cabra "goat", actually "goat sucker" and isn't a double entendre.

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Now rest and get your strength back. I will go tell Papá and the rest of town that you are awake. " Bonita gave Pedro another lick before she left. " Pedro asked Dave. "The townsfolk ran him off. After you were knocked out they turned on him, throwing anything they could find at him. " Pedro slowly got to his feet. "Oh, he is still down the well. " Pedro walked over to the window and looked at the well surrounded by red tape and warning signs. " "No, he told the Mayor he is sick of all that craziness.

And with that, Señor Fuentes took Pedro, put him in the back of his neighbor's pickup, and drove off. Oh, what a day this was for Pedro, getting his first ride in a car and finally getting to meet his pack. He was so happy. He stuck his head out of the side of the pickup and let his tongue flap around in the wind, spit flying everywhere. As Señor Fuentes drove out of town and turned towards the desert, Pedro was the happiest he had ever been. After a couple of hours of driving down desert tracks, Señor Fuentes pulled the truck to a stop and got out.

Not even the Lizard King was anything near as scary as El Chupacabra. Suddenly the monster stopped screaming, his chest heaving. "Tell the owl I'm leaving," he said. Gecko, open mouthed, nodded and ran back to where the owl was waiting. He panted trying to catch his breath. " "Not a problem," the relieved owl said. " Gecko asked. " The Lizard King got up from his throne. El Chupacabra was in a wheelchair, loops and loops of rope bound his body, legs, and arms, a wire muzzle covered his face. Still the Lizard King approached carefully.

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