Petroleum Related Rock Mechanics, Edition: 2ed. by Fjaer E., Holt R.M., Horsrud P., et al.

By Fjaer E., Holt R.M., Horsrud P., et al.

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Neglecting Kf relative to Ks in Eq. 189) Some examples of the variation of B (as computed from Eq. 185)) are shown in Fig. 17. Note how B decreases with increasing porosity and decreasing fluid bulk modulus. Gas as the pore fluid will clearly give a low B except for very unconsolidated rocks. 6. The correspondence to thermoelasticity The equations governing poroelasticity are to some extent similar to the equations governing thermoelasticity. This implies that specific solutions to problems in one field may be used to solve corresponding problems in the other.

From Eqs. e. interchanging the first index with the second one, or the third with the fourth, does not change the value of the constant. Furthermore, fulfilment of the equations of the type ANISOTROPY 39 Eq. 197) reduce the number of independent constants to 21. 1. Orthorhombic symmetry Rocks can normally be described reasonably well by assuming that the material has three mutually perpendicular planes of symmetry. This is one of the orthorhombic symmetries. Let us assume that the planes of symmetry are perpendicular to the coordinate axes x, y, z.

2. Observe that only the normal effective stresses depend on the pore pressure. One may note that for pf = 0, Eqs. 169) give α = ζ /εvol . Then from Eq. 171) which shows that α is a measure of the change in pore volume relative to the change in bulk volume at constant pore pressure. In addition to the bulk compressibility with respect to confining pressure at constant pore pressure, 1/Kfr , we may define the bulk compressibility with respect to pore pressure at constant confining pressure, 1/Kbp .

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