Plasma Chemistry IV (Topics in Current Chemistry) by S. Veprek, M. Venugopalan, E. Bourdin

By S. Veprek, M. Venugopalan, E. Bourdin

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As in the whole field of catalysis, the crucial problem which arises is the incomplete mechanistic understanding of the processes under consideration. This is even more serious in the case of heterogeneous systems under plasma conditions. 1 Chemical Vapor Deposition The subject involves essentially two different processes, the enhancement of the deposition rate and the modification of the properties of the deposit. subject. 1 Control of the Deposition Rate In many systems that are conventionally used for CVD, the chemical equilibrium is on the solid side, but high temperatures are required in order to achieve sufficient reaction rates.

6 Hydrogen Cyanide Synthesis The direct fixation of nitrogen by its reaction with CI-I4 in a plasma has been studied extensively ~t9). At low pressure hydrogen cyanide, acetylene and hydrogen are produced 120~. A kinetic study 121) of the reaction in the pressure range 5-30 tort 33 Mundiyath Venugopalan, Stanislav Vepiek showed that the slow step is represented by the rate of dissociation of N 2 in the discharge. It was proposed ~22~that thermal dissociation occurs from excited vibrational-rotational levels, the population of which is maintained by the electric field at values much higher than those corresponding to thermal equilibrium.

27. Variation of the ammonia concentration with specific energy at a pressure of 50 torr (curves leading to open points) and 100 tort (curves leading to solid points) for different catalysts. Dotted parts were not determined experimentally. Points from circulation experiments; solid lines from flow experiments 96} 50 100 U/v, Wh/dm 3 Table 4. 29 a Two sets of values given correspond to initial pressures of 50 and 100 torr, respectively. T a b l e 4 shows that the activity o f the catalysts varied in the sequence Pt > A g > F e > Cu.

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