Probabilités et Potentiel, vol.C, chap. IX à XI, théorie by Claude Dellacherie, Paul-André Meyer

By Claude Dellacherie, Paul-André Meyer

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The parsing of total effects into those that are direct and indirect is available via options in most of the SEM software. For example, in LISREL, the “ef” keyword on the output line produces the direct, indirect, and total effects estimates. From the output of the statistical computing packages, the direct, indirect, and total effects may be obtained. The significance of these individual components may also be obtained. 4 is analogous to the significance test of the indirect effect; specifically, the results should converge qualitatively (either significant or not), even if the actual values vary somewhat.

24 The researcher does not fit a series of equations or models per the regression techniques. The single structural equations model follows: Y = G X + BY + Y . 20 under “Y,” and they’re called endogenous variables (basically X has no variable as a precursor, whereas both M and Y have one or more variables leading to them via →). Of central interest in a mediation analysis are the structural parameters, G and B. , Y → M), but one term, bYM is estimated, and it represents the path M → Y. We will elaborate on the interpretation of these G and B terms shortly, but for completion, we also mention that a Y matrix is estimated, which contains the endogenous models’ lack of fit, essentially, 1 − R2 for trying to predict M and Y: M Y Y=M Y Èy M Í Î 0 0 ˘.

1993; McDonald, 2002; also see Fienberg, 1981, pp. 122–123). 15. 17 (Y → X). 33 (X → M). 1 Theory should help differentiate alternative models (on the basis of the parameter estimates, which may vary, and not on the basis of the overall fit statistics, which will not); yet competing models are rarely mentioned in the literature and much less frequently tested. Furthermore, rival causal models can be equally plausible from a theoretical perspective. For example, if X = affect, M = cognition, and Y = behavior, there exist supporters of theories that pose X → M or M → X, M → Y or Y → M, and so on (Breckler, 1990).

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