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Some methods try to include some basic physics, such as modelling the behaviour of gas-liquid interfaces, while others rely on a purely empirical approach. For an overview we refer again to Brill and Mukherjee (1999) and for an in-depth treatment to Oliemans (1998) and Hasan and Kabir (2002). Many of these correlations are usually built into modern well simulators. Care needs to be taken because correlations are often suitable for only certain types of well. Note that, as discussed in Chapter 3, the correlations used for the oil properties will affect the results, and may contribute to the inaccuracy.

1 to derive similar matrix expressions for the volume flow rates, resulting in 1 B g  qg , sc    rs    qo, sc  =  B  qw, sc   o   0  Rs Bg 1 Bo 0  0  q    g 0   qo   q    w 1  LM B LMq OP MM1−−BRrr MMqq PP = MM1 − R r N Q M 0 MN g g or o s s o s s s w − Bg Rs 1 − Rs rs Bo 1 − Rs rs 0 OP PP LMq 0P M q P MNq 1P PQ 0 g , sc o , sc w , sc OP PP . 21) Q Determination of the values of Bg, Bo, Rs and rs as a function of pressure and temperature is usually done with the aid of PVT tests and compositional analysis.

Lecture Notes ta4490, Version 5c, March 2004 24 Technical objectives during production are usually short-term production targets or facility utilization rates, and cost reduction. The most important longer-term technical objective is maximizing ultimate recovery. 2, short term production optimisation and longer term reservoir management are closely linked, both in the development phase as well as in the production phase of the petroleum life cycle. 5 Constraints Many constraints have to be taken into account during production optimisation.

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