Radiation Protection in Transport of Radioactive Material

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Preparation for transport comprises several elements of importance for radiation protection, such as selection of packaging, loading and closing of 32 that, in general, Y =a SE,C4 0 Ei V(V where a, ß are factors for converting levels of dose into monetary terms. With regard to international applications of the above equation, an IAEA document provides a recommended minimum value of a for evaluating transboundary radiation exposure. ( 18 ) International guidance for the value of ß is not currently available.

Situations may exist however where two options are too close to be distinguished. In this case there is no preference between the two options. 43 Then, from these various preferences a selection of one option or the most dominant options is performed by an appropriate algorithm. leads to the selection of one, or a few, analytical solutions. The method Bibliography 1. J. B. Fleishman, "Quantitative decision-aiding techniques", Ispra Advanced Seminar on Optimization of Radiation Protection, June 1985.

Ringot, "Study on the Radiation Exposure Transport Personnel", CEA Report, IAEA Research Agreement No. 2792/R1/CF, March 1983. 50 APPENDIX V - EXAMPLES OF OPTIMIZATION IN THE TRANSPORT OF RADIOACTIVE MATERIALS The concept of ALARA, which is synonymous with the optimization of radiation protection has been in use for some time. As a result, there are a number of examples* of optimization applications available in the relevant literature that might be useful as guidance. Several examples are discussed below and, as needed, some additional comments are included to indicate the important optimization principles involved.

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