Recycling Equipment and Technology for Municipal Solid by Joseph T. Swartzbaugh

By Joseph T. Swartzbaugh

This expertise move guide describes recycling apparatus and expertise for municipal reliable waste (MSE) at fabric restoration amenities (MRFs). It provides assistance on what technically will be performed and what fabric standards will be completed.

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Frequency Drive 1 a b C d e f g Remove debris from motor cooling fins Check gear case oil level Check all fasteners and mounting bolts Lubricate drive shaft couplings Check drive belts for tension and wear Check universal joints Replace guards before running W M M M W M AJR d Trunnions Check trunnion wheels for wear and alignment Lubricate trunnion bearings Check thrust wheels for wear and alignment Lubricate thrust wheels a b Screen Remove debris from screen openings Check screen for structural wear or defects M a b Controls Remove debris Check for damage W 2 a b C 3 4 5 Descriotion Comments Legend: D = Daily: W = Weekly; M = Monthly: NR = As required.

Alternatively, tin cans may be flattened, baled or densified with or without bimetal cans. Ferrous cans that are not removed by the magnetic separator from the commingled containers stream are conveyed to a sorting station where manual separation takes place. The cans removed manually are returned, by means of conveyors, to join the ferrous removed by the magnetic separator. Flow Chart--High Technology--Glass Module-Flow chart, Figure 2-8, is an enlarged view of that portion of Figure 2-6 which pertains to the separation and processing of glass.

6 glass containers. & contaminants Handpick contaminan(r; nugndc sepuator for ferrous dry paper. inc1uding newsprint. old cormgated containers (OCC). highgrades. books. magarinen. & contaminants Sodng Interim Conveyor (or room) Stor8ge Handpick In pilea on processing floor or in bins OCC. magazines. high-grades, mixed paper, etc. Handpick plastic, aluminum, contaminants Preparation for Shipping Finlrhed Product Storage Ship loose. as In piles on is. or baled processing floor, in bins. or compacted or baled in transport vehicles In piles.

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