Regular Expression Pocket Reference: Regular Expressions for by Tony Stubblebine

By Tony Stubblebine

This useful little ebook deals programmers an entire review of the syntax and semantics of normal expressions which are on the center of each text-processing software. excellent as a short reference, Regular Expression Pocket Reference covers the general expression APIs for Perl 5.8, Ruby (including a few upcoming 1.9 features), Java, Hypertext Preprocessor, .NET and C#, Python, vi, JavaScript, and the PCRE general expression libraries. This concise and easy-to-use reference places crucial device for manipulating textual content and information correct at your fingertips. Composed of a mix of symbols and textual content, average expressions might be an outlet for creativity, for impressive programming, and for the based resolution. Regular Expression Pocket Reference bargains an creation to usual expressions, development matching, metacharacters, modes and constructs, after which offers separate sections for every of the language APIs, with whole regex listings together with:

•Supported metacharacters for every language API
•Regular expression sessions and interfaces for Ruby, Java, .NET, and C#
•Regular expression operators for Perl 5.8
•Regular expression module gadgets and features for Python
•Pattern-matching services for Hypertext Preprocessor and the vi editor
•Pattern-matching tools and gadgets for JavaScript
•Unicode aid for every of the languages

With lots of examples and different assets, Regular Expression Pocket Reference summarizes the advanced ideas for appearing this severe text-processing functionality, and provides this often-confusing subject in a pleasant and well-organized structure. This advisor makes an awesome on-the-job significant other.

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ResourceFile is the name of a Win32 resource file to include in the assembly. public static string Escape(string str) Return a string with all regular expression metacharacters, pound characters (#), and whitespace escaped. NET and C# | 43 public static bool IsMatch(string input, string pattern) public static bool IsMatch(string RegexOptions options) input, string pattern, public bool IsMatch(string input) public bool IsMatch(string input, int startat) Return the success of a single match against the input string input.

Match 0 or 1 times, but as few times as possible. {n,}? Match at least n times, but as few times as possible. {x,y}? Match at least x times, no more than y times, and as few times as possible. *+ Match 0 or more times, and never backtrack. ++ Match 1 or more times, and never backtrack. PHP | 53 Table 26. + Match 0 or 1 times, and never backtrack. {n,}+ Match at least n times, and never backtrack. {x,y}+ Match at least x times, no more than y times, and never backtrack. ) Match with if-then-else pattern.

Matcher Description Models a stateful regular expression pattern matcher and pattern matching results. Methods Matcher appendReplacement(StringBuffer sb, String replacement) Append substring preceding match and replacement to sb. StringBuffer appendTail(StringBuffer sb) Append substring following end of match to sb. int end( ) Index of the first character after the end of the match. int end(int group) Index of the first character after the text captured by group. boolean find( ) Find the next match in the input string.

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