Reservoir Engineering of Fractured Reservoirs/ Fundamental by Ali M. Saidi

By Ali M. Saidi

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52]. processing equipment, a large water injection plant, a sulfate removal facility and living quarters for 140 personnel. It provides storage for up to 2 MMbbl, while all gas produced is re-injected into the reservoir. 2 mi (2 km) from the FPSO. 8 BIL towards its development. The 23 wells connect via manifolds to 11 production bundles that comprise 5 production loops. The bundles connect to three riser towers that take the hydrocarbons to the FPSO. The production bundles consist of two 8 in, 3,915 psi (270 bar) flowlines and a 2 in service line.

Thus, the waves tend to pass through the structure with relatively small reaction. 14]). are competitive as a design concept from about 1,000 ft (305 m) down to 3,000 ft (914 m). In shallower waters, they tend to be too stiff with lower natural periods, and the concept does not work. In waters deeper than 3,000 ft (914 m), the wall thickness of the tubular members required to resist the external pressure tends to be too high for the concept to be practical. The Baldpate tower has a nine-slot drilling template at its base, which was used to drill several wells.

1]. One 8-inch uninsulated loop carries gas from three wells. 5 km) away. All flowlines terminate at the FPS with catenary steel risers. 37]. The oil loop is a pipein-pipe system that consists of an 8-inch inner pipe that carries the hydrocarbons and a 12-inch outer one that insulates it. 3). Typically, polymeric centralizers, placed periodically in the annulus between them, keep the two lines concentric. The 26 mi (42 km) long loop connects wells H1 and F3. Each well is connected with a jumper to sleds.

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