Rising Dead (The Dead Man, Book 21) by Lee Goldberg, William Rabkin, Stella Green

By Lee Goldberg, William Rabkin, Stella Green

Within the blasted hell of the Arizona desolate tract, Matt hitches a journey with a tender couple who meets a negative destiny that he's powerless to forestall. The bloody come across leads him to a mysterious stranger with a terrifying history…who could understand the cause of Matt's resurrection and carry the most important to eventually finishing his lonely quest. yet first they need to live to tell the tale in an unforgiving wilderness to do conflict with a gang of seriously armed smugglers who alternate in human flesh.

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Book watched the subtle orange of the setting sun bleed through a closed window shade. It was time to go to work. He stood slowly, found his clothes draped over a chair in the corner, and began pulling them on one article at a time. Sara quietly luxuriated in the sight of him in the half-light. She studied him in the way a young woman does when she is wrapping her heart around a man. His close-cut hair of last summer had grown into unruly brown waves. He wore work boots beneath old jeans instead of shoes and slacks, a soft black T-shirt instead of a neck tie, and an old brown leather bomber jacket instead of a suit coat.

He had seen to it that no depth of atrocity they might reach in this pit could possibly cause him to reveal anything of real value. Thus, he had seen to it that there could be no escape. None for him. And now, as he saw the true depth of his failure, none for her. The Inquisitor signaled the man behind her, and even as she felt the slow sting of the edge, her beloved reached to embrace her once more with his failing gaze. ” Unable to turn from her eyes while there was still life in them, he held her quiet and still as he offered his last words.

A woman gasped, and voices murmured and protested. Wendell remained transfixed as his father sawed the rest of the way through, detaching the ring along with the entire finger. Breathing hard with the effort to remain conscious, Carl Book snatched the dead finger from the crimson pool, pulled the ring free of it, and rose to his full height. ” Wendell quivered to his feet, watching as his father moved unsteadily to the rail. The old man hurled the ring far into the ocean. It tumbled and fell for several seconds, until it passed into the water through a sudden and silent rip at the surface.

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