Speech Act Phenomenology, 1st Edition by Richard L. Lanigan (auth.)

By Richard L. Lanigan (auth.)

The nature and serve as of language as Man's leader car of communi­ cation occupies a focal place within the human sciences, fairly in philosophy. the idea that of 'communication' is not easy since it indicates either 'meaning' (the nature of language) and the task of conversing (the functionality of language). The philosophic thought of 'speech acts' is one try and make clear the ambiguities of 'speech' as either using language to explain states of affair and the method during which that description is generated as 'communication'. the current examine, Speech Act Phenomenology, is partially an examination­ ination of speech act concept. the idea bargains a proof for speech functionality, that's, the constitution of speech acts as 'relationships' and the content material of speech acts as 'meaning'. the first assertion of the speech act conception that's tested is that offered by way of Austin. A seconda­ ry difficulty is the formula of the speculation as offered through Searle and Grice. the restrictions of the speech act concept are laid out in employing the idea as an evidence of 'human communication'. This conceptual exam of 'communication' means that the philosophic approach to 'analysis' doesn't unravel the antinomy of language 'nature' and 'function'. essentially, the conceptual differences of the speech act thought (i. e. locutions, illocutions, and perlocutions) are chanced on to be empty as a entire rationalization of the idea that 'communication'.

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Emotive Meaning" by William Alston, 1-2 : pp. 486-493. 1 04 In addition, some theorists make a distinction between a referential and use theory of meaning,105 However, Alston's explanations describe the aspects of referential meaning relevant to our discussion of semantic theory. The referential theory of meaning identifies the 'meaning' of an utterance with that to which it refers or with the referential connection. Obviously, the referential theory attempts to describe the speech act by suggesting that the reference is either a state of affairs (the object of reference) or a process (the relationship or structure connecting the reference and referent).

This problem is the subject of the next chapter. , p. 98. , p. 97. CHAPTER III SPEECH ACT CONTENTS Recall that in the initial discussion of communication and meaning, Alexander points out that the communicative process has four distinguishable phases or senses of 'meaning'. These are intentional meaning, content meaning (including conceptual, emotive, and active content), significative meaning, and interpreted meaning, resulting from an act of interpretation. I°o Or, as Austin suggested in the process of linguistic phenomenology, the movement from being to doing in utterances is a developmental, historical process.

The name for an utterance act (a communication state of affairs), and an utterance action (a communication process) which are a historical relationship simply called 'human communication'. 'Human' because the act/action relationship is no more than a regularity, a convention for message exchange. Obviously, we are left the query as to the substance or content of human communication, in a word, its 'meaning'. Because, it is obvious that the structural nature of performance is only one aspect of 'meaning'.

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