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KOKOTAILO ET AL. Characterization of Zeolite-Cracking Catalysts long-range o r d e r i n g of b u i l d i n g blocks or l a y e r s i n z e o l i t e s . R e c u r r i n g o r r a n d o m t w i n n i n g may h a v e a n e f f e c t o n i o n e x c h a n g e , t h e S i / A l r a t i o , and a l s o e a s e o f d e a l u m i n a t i o n . The o c c u r r e n c e o f i n t e r g r o w t h s o f z e o l i t e Y a n d ZSM-20, t h e c u b i c and h e x a g o n a l f o r m s , i s a n a l o g o u s t o s i m i l a r i n t e r g r o w t h s i n S i C a n d ZnS c r y s t a l s .

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Commun. 1986, 1211. Lemos, F . ; Lopes, J . ; Ribeiro, F. R; Derouane, E. Appl. Cat. 1989, 49, 175. Pickert, P. E . ; Rabo, J . A . ; Dempsey, E . ; Schomaker, V. Proc. 3rd Int. Congr. , Amsterdam, 1965, 1, 714. Olson, D. H . ; Kokotailo, G. ; Charnell, J . F. Nature 1967, 270, 5098. Olson, D. H . ; Kokotailo, G. T; Charnell, J . F. J . Coll. and Interface Sci. 1968, 28, 305. Olson, D. H. J . Phys. Chem. 1968, 72, 4366. 3. KOKOTAILO ET AL. ch003 18. 19. 20. Characterization of Zeolite-Cracking Catalysts Olson, D.

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