The Autobiography of Billy the Kid by Ralph Estes

By Ralph Estes

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My plan was to wait until it was getting dark. Then me and O’Folliard and two or three more would lead the way, burst through the east gate and draw the fire.

And if we did, what should we do with them. I was pretty strong on following the Bible, an eye for an eye. It would do no good to take them to the so-called law, not in Lincoln, not in Mesilla, not even in Las Vegas or Santa Fe. The Dolan gang and the Santa Fe Ring had the whole territory wrapped up, and their “law” just wasn’t going to do anything to their boys. Anyway, we talked among ourselves a lot about who was most to blame for all the wrongdoing and injustice we saw in Lincoln County. Dolan, Jesse Evans, Bristol, Brady?

Anyway, after a while Charlie Bowdre and several other fellas got tired of waiting and went out to arrest Roberts. Bowdre yelled at Roberts to throw up his hands, Roberts answered something like “Not much, Mary Jane,” and lets fly with a hip-shot from his Winchester. Now pay attention, this story gets interesting. Bowdre promptly puts a bullet clean through Roberts, gut shot him, you could see the blood fly from both holes. But does Buckshot go down? Nosiree. He jumps backwards into a doorway pumping that rifle all the while.

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