The Awful Thing in the Attic by Brad Steiger

By Brad Steiger

From the grasp of the haunted and the unexplainable comes a ghostly, ghastly, terrifying number of actual money owed of the unusual facet of life. stopover at a dismal shadow-world populated via ghosts, extraterrestrials, and anonymous beings. examine the vicious satan of Borley, the poor flying jelly baggage, the terrible hag, more.And no matter what you do, do not learn those actual tales on my own on a depressing evening!

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There are those, of course, who will use such cases to “prove” their supposition that the poltergeist is truly a racketing ghost. Others will point out the possibility that whatever facet of mind is capable of producing the phenomena of the poltergeist may also be capable of activating the subconscious memory patterns of the dead that, in some way not yet known to science, have been impressed on the psychic ether. A child approaching puberty may be of just the proper telepathic affinity to allow these bottled-up memories to release their energy through the medium of his own fragmented psyche.

De Morgan, the sorrowing woman was a girl who belonged to a convent; she had become pregnant and had murdered the ensuing child to conceal her guilt. The body had been buried in that spot long before Beavor Lodge was built and the garden planted. Richmond later wrote that Mrs. De Morgan was “an extremely sensible lady of exceptional accomplishments which, by their nature, were directly opposed to undue credulity. She was a good scholar, the daughter of a hard thinker, the wife of a great mathematician, deeply religious in her own way, and a great friend of Carlyle.

Then the sound of mumbled half-words about her ears and the stroking of invisible fingers against her cheeks and hair would at last drive her back downstairs to join the rest of the family in the relative quiet of the two back bedrooms. The other center of the haunting was located in the basement. The phenomena in the eerie area under the house consisted primarily of knockings, thumpings, and the sound of footsteps running down the stairs and shuffling across the floor. The most dramatic manifestation of the haunting was realized in the materialization of four skeletons, which, after appearing in startling blood-red color, would slowly clothe themselves in the flesh of a man, two women, and a young girl.

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